Thursday, November 27, 2008

Yet another installment of 'What am I going to wear to the wedding?'

I dont know if you have all noticed, but there seems to be a change afoot in fashion these days. Due to the sucess of shows like Mad Men, which takes place in the early 60's, a new sillouette is emerging. You can see the new look here: And here: Personally I find this look very refreshing. We have seen a lot of the 50's look with a tight bodice and full skirt so it is time for a change. The only problem is, I find it to be a very sexy look. Even if you wore a shirt under these dresses and made sure the hem was below the knee, the tightness of the dress makes me wonder if it is just too sexy. I mean, the first dress is incredible. The peacock is embriodered on the fabric and the cut is extremly flattering for size 2-8. On Mad Men, all the women have a bit of a tummy, and these dresses still oooze sex- no skinny women on the show wear this style. So my question is: Is this look appropriate for a wedding?

I love the first dress because the black can be toned down by emphasising the gold in the embroidery. I would wear the gold shoes from the second look on Monday's post, and flesh tone tights. The shirt would just be a black shirt like the one seen yesterday, and I would wear very little jewelry due to the pattern on the dress. Maybe just a nice pair of gold studs or small hoops.

The second dress might look really cool with a dark burgundy shirt and burgundy ribbon belt (go to your local fabric shop and purchase a yard or two of satin ribbon. Tie a bow, snip off the ends at an angle and presto! You have a ribbon belt) around the waist. I would keep a gun metal grey or black shoe and nude hose, just to keep the focus on the red. Add ruby stud earring and you are good to go. The other option would be an ice blue shirt and ice blue ribbon belt with aquamarine studs. The blue would be unexpected, and might create a more appropriate look for a wedding.

(You can find both dresses at http://www,

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Third installment of 'What the heck am I wearing to the wedding?'

Now here is a dress that I L-O-V-E.
I love the texture, I love the funky hem, I love the shape. This might be the winner, but there are still two more days to see before you decide. I am a little concerned about the length, because Bloomingdales (where I found the dress) doesnt show how long the dress is, but it looks like it hits the model just above the knee, and chances are- because I am short- the length will be fine.

I would wear the dress with a nice form-fitting shirt:

Only in black. I wouldn't want to have a contrast with this dress. Because it has an interesting shape at the bottom, I would want the eye to be drawn there, not at my arms. So if I wore this top in black it would look like it was part of the dress.

For shoes I think these:

Are AMAZING! I like how the ruffle on the hem is repeated on the shoe. And I also like going for an all black look. Actually, that is my one problem- is it too much black for a wedding? I almost wonder if it is too fancy. But I digress.

The jewelry would be this bracelet: And these earrings: What I like about these pieces is the 'harder' look that contrasts with the softness of the dress and shoes. It keeps the look from being too prissy (plus, if I want to look soft, I would wear outfit number 1 from Monday's post). I think this is a really great look, but I am concerned if it is appropriate for a wedding. What do you think?

(You can find the dress at, the shirt at, the shoes at, the cuff bracelet at, and the earrings at in store 'Lisa's Lovlies'.)

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

For the second installment of 'What the heck am I going to wear to the wedding?' I have a few dresses that all are the same shape, they are just different colors. I found this style:

Ugh, the pictures are small, and I cant figure out how to make them any bigger. I am new to this whole blogger thing, so bear with me (and if you have any tips, feel free to email them to me at

Well, if you get out your magnifying glass, you can tell that each of these dresses has a full skirt and the top two dresses have sleeves. The top two dresses only need a shell underneath, which I like, and the bottom two just need a tight top that comes to the neck and elbows. I like the first two dresses better because they are almost totally modest.

I want to point out that when I was looking at the dresses, I almost skipped by the first one because it looks way too short. Well, I really liked the dress, so I decided to click on it anyway. I am glad I did because I noticed in the description, the length of the dress from center back is 38 inches. I had my husband measure me and 38 inches reaches PAST my knees. I figure this model is just really tall (and I am short at 5'3") so it would be an appropriate length on me. I found this to be true on ALL of the dresses. So before you discount a dress because of length, see if they have it listed and then measure yourself.

Of these four dresses, I like the first and fourth the best. I am worried the second and third are not fancy enough. What do you guys think? I am skipping out on the accessories, because I just cant bear to go through four looks in one post (plus it is Thanksgiving week and we are leaving tomorrow to visit my husband's family, so I have to write all of these posts in one day! Eeek!). But of the four, I like the black the best, so I would wear the shoes I am showing tomorrow with some dangley chandelier earrings.

(by the way, you can find all of these dresses at

Monday, November 24, 2008

Eeek! I need a dress for wedding!

So I have my first orthodox wedding to go to in January and it is going to be the event of the season! The families are basically modern orthodox, and the dress is black tie. I have nothing to wear. See, I am not frum. I found Chabad about 4 years ago and it has inspired me to live a 'more Jewish' life, but I have had a hard time with the dress code (so to speak). On Shabbat I dress pretty modestly (at least as compaired to the rest of the world) and I cover my hair, either with a scarf or a hat, but I have been unable to get rid of my sweatpants (Juicy Couture) during the rest of the week. This blog is a way for me to come to terms with dressing in a more modest way. But this wedding has really thrown me for a loop. I seriously have no idea what to wear. So I have found 5 different looks and will post each one for you guys to check out and give me your opinion on them.

Ok, so the first look is from Anthropologie. Anthro (as I like to call it) is my favorite store. Love it. So I started with a dress that is really feminine and is in such an amazing shade of bluish green:

Isn't it beautiful? But obviously it needs something underneath to cover the arms and decollete (French for the area above the boobs and under the neck). So I was thinking this:

Would be cute. I like that is has detail at the collar to repeat the detail at the bustline of the dress. I would want the sleeves to be pretty tight, so if they were loose, I would just take it to my tailor and have them narrowed. So that is the first choice. I found two diffent way to accessorize. The first would be these shoes:

These bracelets:

And these earrings:

The second choice would be these shoes:

These earrings:

And these bracelets:

The reason I am not doing a necklace is, I think there is so much detail at the chest, I don't want to muck it up with jewelry. I think if you are wearing an outfit with lots of color, then let the color be the showpiece. However, if you are wearing- say a black dress- then it looks good to have an amazing necklace or crazy earrings (or both). So what do you think? Which accessories do you like better- the silver ones or the goldish-bronze ones? Such a hard decision. Stay tuned this week for the rest of the choices.

(by the way, you can find the dress, blouse,first pair of shoes and the second set of earrings at, the second set of bracelets at and the first pair of earrings at, and the pair of silver bangles at And for the life of me I cant remember where I found the second pair of shoes, but if I remember, I will be sure to post)

Sunday, November 23, 2008

J.Crew: Not just for WASPs anymore!

I love J.Crew. I mean I really love it. I cant wait to get my new catalogue every month so I can zone out with preppy fashion for the masses. And I am especially loving their new J Crew Collection which is full of expensive high fashion that I cant possibly afford, but love to be inspired by. But would you like to know what I like the best about J Crew? Turning something that, at first glance, doesn't seem like something you could wear to shul, but just by adding a few accessories and layers, turns you into the best dressed girl in Synagogue. For example this:

Is totally awesome. It seems like it wouldn't work because obviously it shows way too much skin. Sure, you could put a tight shirt underneath, but I have a better idea. How about adding this underneath:

Then, all you have to do is add a cute sweater:

Some heels:

And a chic necklace: And you have a totally amazing frum outfit! I just L-O-V-E the idea of a crisp white shirt under a ballerina-like dress. And the yellow is so unexpected. The pewter colored sweater and heels keeps the outfit subdued, and the pearls, with the decorated clasp, brings it all together by having the three colors of the outfit in one accessory. Adorbs.

But wait. What about all the other days of the week? I doubt you only want to wear this outfit on Shabbat. So here is my idea on how to casual this ensamble up:

First, change out the plain cardigan for a hoodie:

Then add flats:

A charming charm bracelet:

And a bag:

And you have a perfect outfit for running errands or going to get coffee with your friends. And you know they will all be talking about how amazing you look and wonder how you ever came up with the sophisticated combo of yellow and pink. So be sure to check out J.Crew: