Thursday, January 8, 2009


So my friend Chana Malka said to me the other day, "did you see the new Anthropologie catalogue?". What she doesn't know is, my husband gets the mail, and for about a year now, my Anthro catalogues dont seem to make it to me. Personally, I think he hides them on purpose knowing how much I would (and do) spend there. So I make due by looking at the goods online or in the store.

So she says to me "did you see the butterfly dress?". Well, I hadn't so I rushed home to check it out and found this:

Isnt that the prettiest dress ever? And all you need to wear is a little 3/4 sleeve undershirt to make sure it covers your elbows. Stunning. I wish I could make the picture bigger so you could really see how amazing this dress is, but I dont have that kind of computer capabilities. So you will just have to check it out yourself here:

Um, that is the longest link ever. I will try to figure out how to make that shorter.

So here is my dilemma. Technically Chana Malka has dibs on the dress because she saw it first. But I REALLY LOVE THIS DRESS. So what should I do? I was thinking I should just ask if she is really going to buy the dress, and if so, wish her well, but if not, then I was going to ask her if it was ok with her if I buy it. What I feel REALLY bad about is, I kind of have totally done this to her before. There was a pair of earring she loved at a gala we were at, and she saw them first, but they were the best pair of earrings there and I loved them. She decided not to buy them, so I did. So I feel bad about doing it again. I guess I just love her taste. (She really does have impeccable taste). So Chana Malka, if you are reading this, you have awesome taste and please only tell me about items you are not going to buy for yourself because you know I will just want to rush out and buy them for myself.

After all that, when I tried on the dress I looked HORRIBLE! Very fat. Not a good look AT ALL. So I passed on the dress. As it turns out, a bunch of people I know also tried on the dress and looked horrible. I sure do love that print- too bad the dress sucked.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Weird Hat Wednesday

Do you have what it takes to wear this hat? Because I dont think I do! But I just had to post it.

You can find this hat at

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Happy New Year!

Ok, ok, I know, I have been gone for like three weeks. But I was out of town and the only computer I had access to was DIAL UP! Can you even imagine? Crazy. So there was no way I could blog. But I am back and very excited about the upcoming year.

Sooooo, my first post of the new year is about THE WEDDING! Yes, I finally went to the wedding I have been talking about and I wore my new, long blue dress with an ivory t-shirt underneath, three strands of pearls, aquamarine and diamond earrings, an aqua marine cocktail ring, and two diamond bracelets. I matched all my bling to my silver shoes and silver clutch.

The dress was kind of Grecian looking, so I decided to base my hair on Jessica Alba's hair from last year's Academy Awards

I braided my hair in the front, just like she did, then I separated the hair into two ponytails which I then teased to give it fullness and then wrapped into two messy buns. I left a few pieces out and braided them, then I twisted the braids into the buns. It didn't look as good as Jessica's hair, so I ended up adding a feather barrette that my friend Chana Malka made for me. It looked really pretty with the hair.

The wedding was AMAZING and I was totally going to take pictures of my favorite outfits, but I chickened out. Man, I am totally kicking myself for that. If I get around to it I will try and draw a few of my favorites from memory.

The bride looked beautiful in her gown. It reminded me of this gown:
but it obviously had sleeves and covered to the neck.

The chuppa was beautiful with white roses, orchids and hydrangeas and hanging crystals. The colors were white (all the flowers, table settings, etc) and midnight blue (the bridesmaids dresses) It was incredibly elegant and sophisticated. My favorite part was the crystal curtains and beads everywhere. So you could say I had the best time and it was an incredible experience. I am helping with the Friday night dinner this week (I cant remember what it is called in Hebrew) for the new bride and groom and I think it will be lovely. Man, the Jews can really party.

Stay tuned this week for a post on the new awesome shoes I got from Neiman Marcus ON SALE and the beautiful new items at Anthropology. I am also working on a 'best denim skirt' post because I really need a new one. So feel free to email me with any suggestions at '