Monday, March 16, 2009

Spring Trends: Khaki

The next trend is khaki. Khaki was seen all over the runway, but in my opinion, khaki has been a staple FOREVER! I have been wearing khaki in various shades for years now, and my favorite color combo was khaki and light blue. I still think that is a classic look, and it will never go out of style, but I am more interested in the khaki and orange combination I have been seeing. So check this outfit out:
Start with a fun peasant blouse with a touch of orange. You can always wear a white shirt to lengthen the sleeves underneath this one.

Then add a khaki skirt

I like the leaner shape of this skirt contrasted with the fullness of the shirt.

If you are feeling a little chilly, or you don't want to add an undershirt to your outfit, wear this
This jacket is a must have for the spring. It is so versatile because it can add some fashion to any basic ensemble.

The only other thing you need to complete the jacket is a great pair of shoes

a casual bag

and some hoop earrings
and you are good to go! This would be a perfect outfit to do errands or go shopping with the girls. So if you have some khaki garments in your wardrobe, think about combining them with some orange for a fresh spring look.


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